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Pilates PT | Brought to you by Touch Point Massage Home // Pilates PT | Brought to you by Touch Point Massage

Stay fit and feel great with Pilates

What is it?

Small group, ultra – boutique Mat Pilates classes which utilise own-body weight and  props such as weights , Pilates ring, resistance bands and more.

About the Workout

Functional exercise that lends towards natural movement patterns. PT Pilates incorporates and encourages good posture, flow and dynamics, deep breathing, co-ordination and proprioception.  In other words “Fix your aches and pains and also get fit at the same time!” Winner!!!

The Pilates PT Way

Our philosophy at Pilates PT is to guide and encourage clients to seek motivation from within’ themselves to unlock their own potential. A class or flow is never PERFECTED but through hard work and dedication, we find small and enriching gains and achievements. The trainer, where necessary, we will give cues for correct form and provide extra motivation and intensity. TPM Pilates may well be the most attentive boutique small group Fitness class you can find anywhere in Melbourne, with our classes capping at 6 people per class!!!

About Pilates PT

A modern and progressive derivative on the classic teachings of Joseph Pilates. An ALL body workout, designed to mould your body into a functional powerhouse. We also use elements of Yoga stretching, boot camp intensity and classic Pilates-style and flow.

The benefits! (To name a few!)

  • Increased physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Improved functionality in your chosen sport
  • Improved posture at work
  • Elements of meditation and focus

Your class times

Mondays ; 6.30 am / 7.20 am / 8.10 am

Tuesdays; 6.30 am / 7.20 am / 8.10 am

Wednesdays; 6.30 am / 7.20 am / 8.10 am

About the Trainer

Owen Coupe, Owner / partner at TPM bas been teaching both dynamic reformer Pilates and Mat Pilates for over 4 years now. He hold a current Certificate IV in group Pilates instruction through ‘Breathe’ Pilates, and also holds a current certificate IV of Exercise Instruction / Personal Training through MMIT college.


1 on 1 – $60 / $50 for re-bookings
2 on 1 – $70 ($35 pp) / $60 ($30 pp) for re-bookings
3 on 1 – $90 ($30 pp ) / $80 ($25 pp) for rebooking


Scheduled group session rates MAX 4 pp
$20 per casual class / $17.50 regulars rate


0424 339 453

SMS with your full name, desired day and time to reserve your spot. Please arrive 10 mins prior to class commencing.

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Owen came to my workplace to instruct a Pilates class during our lunchbreak. Though I tell this story while holding onto the standard ‘day after aches’, it’s with still with a smile. Owen’s Pilate’s classes are run on strict regime of tough moves. This is perfectly balanced out by his placid personality, making each class an enjoyable struggle. I can’t wait until next week, definitely worth it…

– Tess