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Here at Touch Point Massage we love a good massage, obviously! We also believe that the key to long-term health is a strong and capable body through good daily practices and healthy routines.


In our eight years of practice here at Touch Point Massage we have treated many sports and overuse-related injuries, hence we became very interested in complimentary and conditioning exercise..

We have found Yoga to be among some of the purest, low-intensity exercise practices to aid long term strength, fitness and physical conditioning. Furthermore, we stress that a strong body through Yoga will also reinforce a strong mind.

In addition to all this physical benefits, Ashtanga Yoga develops wisdom and spirituality through our minds and soul.

It literally means the 8 limbs of Yoga (Astha = 8 / Anga = Limb), like the branches of a tree, unwind through the duration of the practice. With ethical disciplines, our own self-observation starts to develop into the different postures of the practice.

Yoga will slowly but surely change your body. At first you will hurt a little bit! But soon you will stand taller, sit, walk and run with a better posture, recover from injury quicker and feel an openness and ease of existence within your physical self.
So go ahead – book your first class today! Classes are short, sharp and to the point, running for a duration of 50-minutes.

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touch point massage yoga head stand back view
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WEDNESDAY AM – YOGA  |  6.00am / 6.50am (40 mins)

WEDNESDAY PM – YOGA  |  7.00pm (90 mins)

FRIDAY AM – YOGA  |  6.00am / 6.50am (40 mins)

Current Price List 2018

Pilates + Yoga Express (40-Mins duration)
Casual Visit – $22.00
5 pack ($20.00 per class) – $100.00
10 pack ($18.00 per class) – $180.00

Private sessions
1 on 1 – $60.00
2 on 1 – $75.00

Full Yoga class (90-Mins duration)
Casual Visit – $30.00
5 pack – $140.00
10 pack – $250.00<

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