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Tension Headaches

Sore neck and headache? You’re not alone!

Tension headaches are one of the most common forms of headaches experienced. Causes are many – from general stress, head injury through to more severe mental health problems. They are so called because they occur when the neck and scalp muscles become tense and contract. The tension can increase when you remain static for long periods of time, such as when doing desk work, or long hours at a counter. This is where massage can help.


Massage can help your tension headache in a number of ways:

  • Massage can improve relaxation, both of the muscles and of your mind!
  • When coming in for a massage, we can loosen up the muscles which are tightened in and around your neck, thereby reducing the tension experienced.
  • Coming in for a massage means that you can switch off from your day to day life for an hour or two. Studies show that taking a break from work leaves you more satisfied, energised and refreshed! (Forbes, 2018)
  • Relaxation from the massage and reduced tension can improve sleep – thereby improving stress levels and health overall
In addition to our Pilates and Yoga classes, massage with one of our therapists can assist your tension headache.

Touch Point Richmond Run Club



The remedial team at Touch Point Massage Therapy are hosting a FREE community Run Club in and around Bridge Road, Richmond starting in mid-June and going through to October.

Owen or Jonathan will run sessions each Saturday from 8.00 AM – 8.45 AM, and every second Wednesday evening 5.45 PM – 6.30 PM.

Both trainers will be gearing you up for the 10 km and 21 km distances for the Melbourne Marathon Festival on October 12-13.

Beginners sessions will get you started &  focused. We’ll then gauge your commitment for an ongoing program which includes stretching & conditioning, with an eye for future running events as well as self-maintenance tips and tricks.

Please email your interest to or text Jonathan ( 0425 778 126 ) or Owen on ( 0424 339 453 ).

Why do your neck and shoulders get tight and sore at your desk job?

You may sometimes ask yourself… why do l get sore in my neck and shoulders all the time when l am simply sitting at my desk working? Imagine now for a moment that you are hanging your head softly looking down towards your navel for 1-2 hours at a time. All that pressure holding force against gravity. Your posterior (back) neck muscles switch on and activate to help keep your heavy head – sometimes weighing up to 8kg – from sinking further down. What occurs when your stabaliser neck muscles continually fire and switch on all day to keep you at equilibrium? This causes strain and also weakening of the posterior neck muscles over time. A weak muscle that is getting overused continually – day in, day out – causes pain, which is the body’s natural alert system to let YOU know that something’s wrong. It’s about this time that people usually check in for a massage, or enquire as to when on one is available.

Relaxation Massage vs Remedial Massage

When booking a massage you’ll often find many types listed. As a new patient, you might then find yourself needing some guidance around which service to choose!


As a starting point we’ll tell you the difference between remedial massage and relaxation massage as these are two quite different treatments.

Relaxation massage

This type of massage does exactly as it’s name suggests – it relax’s you! The therapist will often use long flowing strokes and gentle kneading and manipulation to release tension and stress in your body. A relaxation massage is perfect for the busy worker, or stressed individual who just needs a few moments away from their hectic lifestyles and switch off for an hour or two.

Remedial massage

This type of massage is for more for the individual with more sever tension and chronic pain. Often used as apart of rehabilitation or recovery, remedial massage can be used to heal and relax the muscles associated with injury. A remedial massage will start with a consultation with your therapist so that he or she can get a full understanding of the issue or injury presented, and from there will create a plan to get you back into health.

A remedial massage is perfect for a sports enthusiast looking to recover from training and sport, or for the individual who may have recently experienced a strain or sprain in a part of their body.

That said, the best way to find out which treatment is best for you would be to speak to a qualified therapist.

Massage for Running

Running is a great exercise for a lot of people, it helps improve cardiovascular fitness, burns plenty of kilojoules, strengthen muscles, and gives you an opportunity to clear your head. Stretching, hydration and good warm/cool down techniques are important for avoiding injury and soreness when running. But, sometimes to heal from a big run you may need some extra TLC.

Massage is a great way to alleviate the aches and pains that may come from running or any of the injuries that may come with over exercising.

Here are some benefits to name a few:

  • Relaxation and pain relief
  • Releases tension within the muscles
  • Removes adhesions and scar tissue surrounding your muscles
  • Clears lactic acid and other waste products for a speedier recovery
  • Helps prevent future injuries from happening by loosening the muscle

Our team at Touch Point massage are soon to be launching a Run Club, and are a strong believer in looking after your muscles when training for big marathons. If you have any questions regarding your wellness during training time, give Jonathan or Owen a call. Contact us here.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is one of the most popular exercise regimes in the world

Pilates is a system of physical fitness designed by German physical trainer and gymnast Joseph Pilates to aid injured dancers. Practised by more than 25 million people around the world, Pilates develops the strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and good posture necessary to prevent back problems and reduce joint injuries, and has been used by physiotherapists for decades to assist in injury recovery and prevention. It involves many exercises designed to strengthen the bodies core muscles, such as the abs, oblique’s, thighs and buttocks, which together form the ‘powerhouse’ of muscles which are the key to a person’s stability, building flexibility, control and strength in the entire body.

These exercises can be tailored from beginner to advanced levels, and while they may look similar require a high degree of precision and control, with a strong emphasis on correct technique. The moves involved are designed to engage virtually your entire body for example by strengthening one group of muscles while stretching out another, which involves much more concentration than simply going through the motions using gym equipment and hence advanced exercises can be deceptively tough. While Pilates is focused mostly on your core alongside boosting your flexibility and joint mobility, it will also increase your strength and muscle tone generally due to the degree of body weight exercises involved. It is not an aerobic exercise, however, and hence is not a substitute for cardio exercises.

At Touch Point Massage, we teach our own version of Pilates, Pilates PT! This is a modern and progressive derivative on the classic teachings of Joseph Pilates. An ALL body workout, designed to mould your body into a functional powerhouse. We also use elements of Yoga stretching, boot camp intensity and classic Pilates-style and flow.

The benefits! (To name a few!)

  • Increased physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Improved functionality in your chosen sport
  • Improved posture at work
  • Elements of meditation and focus

If you want to find out more about Pilates, check out our page to find out more about classes and the benefits.

More on Pilates

Pilates is a series of exercises inspired by movements from callisthenics, yoga and ballet. Pilates works to balance, lengthen and stretch all the major muscle groups in the body. It improves flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.

In your classes, the main focus is on three main elements – exercise, breathing and meditation. Our classes with Pilates PT, have a primary focus of strengthening, conditioning, and healing.

Pilates can be an aerobic and non-aerobic form of exercise. It requires concentration and focus because you move your body through precise ranges of motion. It requires concentration in finding a centre point to control your body through movement. Each exercise has a prescribed placement, rhythm and breathing pattern.

If you have any existing ailments it is recommended you always consult your doctor or contact us before embarking on any new fitness program, just to make sure pilates is the right thing for you!

Health benefits of Pilates

The health benefits of Pilates include:

  • improved flexibility
  • increased muscle strength and tone
  • enhanced muscular control of your back and limbs
  • improved stabilisation of your spine
  • improved posture
  • improved physical coordination and balance
  • relaxation of your shoulders, neck and upper back
  • safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries
  • prevention of musculoskeletal injuries
  • increased lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing
  • improved concentration, and much more!
Different Types of Massage Therapy

Massage is a fantastic way to relieve stress, treat injuries or just plain old relax. You may be asking yourself though, there are so many different types of massage, which one is best for me?

We’ve created a bit of a quick guide for those of you who don’t know.

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Massage for Arthritis

There are over one hundred types of Arthritis disease known to modern science that afflict the human body. The manifests, symptoms, and conditions vary based on individual and type of Arthritis (i.e. Rheumatoid, TMJ, Algood-Schlatter, and Tendonitis).

A considerable number of people suffering from Arthritis today are turning to alternative therapies, specifically massage therapy, to alleviate the pain and discomforts associated with the condition. Generally speaking Arthritis is an inflammation of joints in the body along with the surrounding tissues – a qualified physician or doctor should be consulted to determine if symptoms are Arthritic in nature.

Here’s how massage might be able to help you:

  • Massage can relax your muscles around your joints and reduce the inflammation around your joints
  • Elimination of toxins is also important for Arthritis patients. Toxins can accumulate and crystallize throughout the body in the tissue, blood stream, nervous system, and the joints. Massage therapy helps the promotion of toxin elimination
  • Regular use of the massage therapy can lead to improvements in pain, stiffness, range of motion, hand grip strength and overall function of the joints
  • Massage therapy helps you to release endorphins – the happy hormone so you feel better and ease the physical pain associated with arthritis
  • Massage may also stretch the joints and stimulate the viscous fluid found in cavities of your joints. This eases inflammation.
Why you should get sports massage

Massage can help your sporting career and achieve fitness goals. Here are 10 reasons why sports massage is great for sport:

  1. Sports Massage increases range of motion, thus giving you a longer stride and more fluid movement.
  2. Helps shorten recovery time between workouts. Waste products such as lactic and carbonic acid build up in muscles after exercise. Increased circulation to these muscles helps to eliminate toxic debris and shorten recovery time.
  3. Improved circulation and general nutrition of muscles. Massage maximizes the supply of nutrients and oxygen though increased blood flow, which helps the body rebuild itself.
  4. Sports Massage reduces the risk of injury during preparation, stretching and your work out.
  5. Often the strokes involved in sports massage are performed towards the heart, thereby increasing lymphatic and blood flow, meaning that oxygen is being pumped around the body more efficiently.
  6. Sports Massage decreases stiffness and tension in the muscles, giving you a more fluid stride!
  7. Sports Massage decreases the likeliness of muscle spasms, scar tissue formation and musculoskeletal problems to occur.
  8. Sports Massage has psychological benefits including reducing stress levels, increasing mind-body connection and mental alertness.
  9. Sports massage can also help you with posture or correct body position for your run or chosen sport!
  10. Massage can stretch tissues that could not be stretched in the usual methods. Bundles of muscle fibres are stretched lengthwise as well as sideways. Massage can also stretch the sheath or fascia that surrounds the muscle, so releasing any tension or pressure build up.