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This is why meditation and yoga and just chilling out is soooooooooo good for you

Please read and comment below. Brilliant article surrounding the overall positive effects of yoga, mediation and constructive “alone-time” and the benefits this has on the overall nervous system.


The benefits of dry needling – 3 big ones

Three benefits:

(1) Releases fascia or connective tissue more effectively than regular massage. Fascia is the tissue layer in your body right below your skin.

(2) There is a 71% overlap between acupuncture points and trigger points in the body with dry needling, therefore (by correspondence) stimulating other health benefits – not just the physical bodywork benefits.

(3)  Active trigger point patterns are particularly prevalent in tension-type headaches; dry needling aims to attack these headache symptoms direct at the source, in the neck and shoulder muscle bellies, therefore “deactivating” headache trigger point activity – in doing so alleviating headache-type symptoms.

Massage for preventative health and everyday quality of life…

Have you every visited a health practice and been convinced to book-in session after session for a small niggle, or strain or a kind of pain that commonly presents itself as muscular?

Did you every feel that the rehab exercises given to help fix the injury were very straight forward involving a basic level of common sense that the average person, let alone sporting or health professional could figure out?

Have you every had a massage that felt nice but just didn’t get into the right spots?

Well that above three points are exactly what we are NOT about at Touch Point…

Maybe all you really need is some attention to detail and a treatment that is specific to your ailment….

Maybe all you need is a health-care practitioner who is honest and forthright in his or her approach as to what will help you over come muscular and postural dysfunction for the long term gain of your health

At Touch Point out treatments focus on not only ironing out the pain symptoms but also giving attention the area of dysfunction. Not only do we give a firm massage treatment, loosening off knots and adhesion’s and releasing tight fascia but we also give you an awareness into your basic body maintenance and management…