Massage for Running

Running is a great exercise for a lot of people, it helps improve cardiovascular fitness, burns plenty of kilojoules, strengthen muscles, and gives you an opportunity to clear your head. Stretching, hydration and good warm/cool down techniques are important for avoiding injury and soreness when running. But, sometimes to heal from a big run you may need some extra TLC.

Massage is a great way to alleviate the aches and pains that may come from running or any of the injuries that may come with over exercising.

Here are some benefits to name a few:

  • Relaxation and pain relief
  • Releases tension within the muscles
  • Removes adhesions and scar tissue surrounding your muscles
  • Clears lactic acid and other waste products for a speedier recovery
  • Helps prevent future injuries from happening by loosening the muscle

Our team at Touch Point massage are soon to be launching a Run Club, and are a strong believer in looking after your muscles when training for big marathons. If you have any questions regarding your wellness during training time, give Jonathan or Owen a call. Contact us here.