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Owen Coupe, owner at Touch Point Massage has been teaching both dynamic reformer Pilates and Mat Pilates for over six years now. He holds a current Certificate IV in group Pilates instruction through ‘Breathe’ Pilates, and holds a current certificate IV of Exercise Instruction / Personal Training through MMIT college.

Current Price List 2019

Pilates + Yoga Express (40-Mins duration)
$25 – casual visit
$110 – 5 Pack
$200 – 10 pack
Private sessions
1 on 1 – $65.00
2 on 1 – $75.00

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    What is Pilates @ Touchpoint?

    Small group mat Pilates class. We use props or sometimes just our own body weight to provide resistance. Pilates exercises are smooth, flowing and geared and a strong core and a strong mind-body connection. Typically every class will be a full body workout, muscle groups will be targeted to fatigue. Numbers are restricted to 4 at a time so you will get plenty of hands on attention from the instructor. The trainer, where necessary, will give cues for correct form and provide extra motivation and intensity.

    Benefits of Pilates

    Pilates will slowly but surely change your body. At first you will hurt a little bit! But soon you will stand taller, sit, walk and run with a better posture, recover from injury quicker and feel an openness, mobility and ease of existence within your physical self. Your muscles will be strong yet lean and supple and your new found core strength will give you a better balance, proprioception and co-ordination awareness when engaged in sport and activity…


    Our philosophy at Pilates @Touch Point is to guide and encourage clients to seek motivation from within’ themselves to unlock their own potential. A class or flow is never PERFECTED but through hard work and dedication, we find small and enriching gains and achievements.

    We believe that the key to long term health; a happy, strong and capable body and mind can be acheived through good daily practices and healthy routines.

    Owen came to my workplace to instruct a Pilates class during our lunchbreak. Though I tell this story while holding onto the standard ‘day after aches’, it’s with still with a smile. Owen’s Pilate’s classes are run on strict regime of tough moves. This is perfectly balanced out by his placid personality, making each class an enjoyable struggle. I can’t wait until next week, definitely worth it…

    – Tess