Sports Massage & Myotherapy

Myotherapy & Sports Massage

About Myotherapy

A trained myotherapist will look at one’s overall health picture – your past & current injuries, your exercise routine, your goals, and how you move & function – before deciding on how best to treat.

Massage techniques, cupping, dry needling and even a TENS machine can be used. A full assessment is usually carried out, then a re-assessment.

How is Myotherapy different to Remedial Massage?

A remedial therapist will also consider these background factors, while emphasising a lot more “hands-on” treatment – hitting trigger points, releasing fascia, stretching the client. Sometimes a firm, targeted session is just the tonic the client needs.

About Sports Massage

A highly effective treatment for clients in running clubs, that visit the gym regularly or compete in sports teams. Vigorous rubbing techniques are used to warm up muscle tissue. Long, deep strokes – through large muscle groups such as the quads and gluteals – can help eliminate toxins and lactic acid from the body.

Dry Needling

The practice of dry needling is a common technique in manual physical therapy. It involves inserting 3 to 5cm needles into “trigger points” and is typically used for pain associated with injuries.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy involves the therapist locating and deactivating trigger points, which are often wound-up muscles that have been damaged or are kinked.

This therapy is a highly effective way to reduce muscular spasm by introducing new blood flow into the affected area.

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