Tania Siu

With a background in acupuncture and myotherapy, Tania’s treatments include a blend of firm massage and accurate needling work that will free you up in 2 to 3 sessions. Both remedial and myotherapy techniques are incorporated in her sessions to get the best results for her clients.

Tania began her career in the health and wellness industry 20 years ago and studyied myotherapy through lockdowns 1 to 3 after moving from Sydney to Melbourne in 2021. She enjoys treating clients for gym issues and snow skiing as she has a personal interest in those activities.

Her other strengths are working with triathletes and older clients (50-plus).

  • Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy, MIMT (2023)
  • Bachelor of TCM/ Acupuncture
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Plantar Fascia & Feet Workshop

  • Firm style that provides nurturing as well as a deep bodywork treatment
  • Experience with TMJ and jaw-related issues
  • Treatment of sciatic pain with acupuncture
  • Good understanding of plantar fasciitis

Jonathan Plowman

Jonathan is the part-owner of Touch Point Massage Therapy, a boutique off-street clinic that he first launched with Owen Coupe back in May 2012.

Jonathan’s modalities are in sports massage, dry needling, assessment, mobilisations and MET (Muscle Energy Technique). His main specialty is correcting short-to-medium term neck, shoulder and back conditions that won’t resolve with exercise or modern-day drugs. He also has a special interest in running and basketball injuries.

Covid-19 was a challenge but following the lifting of recent restrictions in late-2021, Jonathan decided to return to study part-time and has now completed the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy (March 2023).

  • Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy, MIMT (2023)
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage (2010)
  • Member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia
  • Certificate IV in Business (Small Business Management)
  • Workshop 1: 10-day Authentic Thai Massage
  • Workshop 2: 1-day Gua Sha and Chinese Spooning
  • Workshop 3: Foot Corrections Routine for Foot Dysfunction
  • WorkSafe-accredited for work injury claims

  • Dry needling with emphasis on spasming traps and shoulder muscles, plus treatments for running and sports injuries
  • Integrated cupping, Gua Sha and Lomi Lomi sessions where your body gets a deep, nurturing “muscle workout”. You may need a cat nap after this treatment!
  • Corporate and events massage (with a team of his own therapists) where the goal is to increase employees’ overall productivity in the workplace

Owen Coupe

Owen has been working as a remedial massage therapist since 2006, dealing with deep muscular pain, sports injuries and work / home-related stress and tension. Owen started working in corporate massage and soon developed and interest in remedial and sports.

Owen specialises in deep tissue and remedial massage, with a focus on sports, maintenance and performance. Treatments are firm and effective in bringing the body back to full functionality. He is dedicated to helping people stay healthy and maintain a solid level of fitness, plus takes pride in giving direct hands-on treatment.

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia
  • Certificate 3 in Fitness Instruction
  • WorkSafe-accredited for injury claims
  • Completed Advanced Diploma of Pilates (Group Fitness)
  • 7-years’ experience in the fitness industry, with a specialisation in functional fitness & group training

  • Firm, flowing style that provides a nurturing experience at the same time as a deep remedial treatment
  • 25 years of experience performing bodywork on all types of clients, particularly athletes
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills with the ability to truly listen and ascertain individual needs

Kana Tajima

Since 2019 Kana has worked as a therapeutic massage therapist across numerous 5-star hotels in Melbourne, and during that time has built a foundation of skills to become an accomplished bodywork therapist. Kana has also worked in clinics as a remedial therapist from early 2022, once restrictions were fully lifted.

She enjoys helping clients that suffer from acute or chronic conditions, where she can enhance their lives from her treatments as well as her recommendations.

Kana is across all active and passive (AROM and PROM) assessment tools – plus range of motion tests – and has a wonderful firm pressure that is sure to relieve any tight back or shoulder combination. Shiatsu massage is also in her tool kit, which she learned some eight years ago in Japan.

  • Certificate IV in Massage
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage at Max Therapy Institute, Melbourne (2020)
  • Member of AMT (The Association of Massage Therapists)
  • Specialised Training Workshop in Shiatsu Massage, Melbourne (2021)

  • Firm, deeper style that mirrors a firm clinical treatment
  • Kana has experience in a long line of modalities including Shiatsu massage, sports massage, trigger point therapy and AROM testing

Shane Blessley

Shane has 4 years of experience in massage therapy. He has practiced privately in South Morang together with providing massage services at various events and functions.

Shane’s treatment techniques include therapeutic massage, cupping, trigger point therapy, transverse friction and myofascial release. Shane also has experience with a TENS machine.

He worked as a nurse prior to massage therapy and has extensive experience in working with individuals to provide personalised treatments for their specific needs.

  • Certificate IV in Massage
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage at MIMT Heidelberg, Melbourne (2019)
  • Member of Massage & Myotherapy Australia (2023)

  • Firm, deeper style that focuses on trigger points and transverse frictions of the fascia
  • Shane has experience in a long line of modalities including remedial massage, myofascial Release, cupping and use of a TENS machine
  • Nursing background in his previous career

Melissa Campbell

Melissa has over 20 years’ experience in massage therapy. She has practiced both privately and in physiotherapy clinics in Geelong, Falls Creek Resort and London.

Her treatment techniques include relaxation and therapeutic massage, as well as trigger point therapy and myofascial release.

Melissa’s experience working alongside physiotherapists together with her keen interest in health and fitness, has provided her with a holistic approach to her sessions. This experience allows Melissa to integrate exercise into a treatment plan to assist with her client’s full rehabilitation.

  • Certificate IV in Massage (1998)
  • Diploma in Remedial Massage (2019)
  • Certificate in Cupping (2020)

  • Firm, flowing style that provides a nurturing experience at the same time as a deep remedial treatment
  • 25 years of experience performing bodywork on all types of clients, particularly athletes
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills with the ability to truly listen and ascertain individual needs

Andrew Oberdorfer

Andrew has worked as a remedial therapist – or deep tissue specialist – over the last 4 years and is adept at identifying the behavioural causes behind why a person may be experiencing pain or discomfort.

He has developed efficient and effective strategies to help identify and heal immediate issues, as well as assisting clients with developing physical training programs, or to target specific training goals.

He began his professional career as a civil engineer, but his passion for health and development drew him towards a career in bodywork therapy. More recently Andrew has leant towards studies in psychology, linguistics and physiology, as well as completing qualifications in Reiki and remedial massage.

His passion lies in the holistic nature of health and how the mental, physical and spiritual elements overlap.

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Bachelor of Psychology and Philosophy
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Certificate 3 and 4 in Personal Training and Fitness
  • Meditation Coach
  • Level 2 Reiki Practitioner
  • Member of Massage and Myotherapy Australia

  • Deep tissue massage with emphasis on shoulder and back muscles, plus treatments for sports issues
  • Andrew’s overall goal is to kickstart the healing process as well as assist clients in understanding themselves better so they can have more confidence and be empowered to make better health decisions.