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3 massage myths debunked

Like Mulder and Skully, we here debunk 4 common myths about massage or bodywork:

(1) Knots cannot be eliminated all at once – Its a myth that masseuses can eliminate ALL your knots in your back; each time, every time. Well do our very best but knots are adhesions in the muscle and most of the relief is temporary in terms of getting rid of that knotted-up feeling in every single sore point.

(2) Massage spreads cancer cells throughout the body – This is simply not true and is based mainly in fear-based messaging. Oncologists have found that patients undergoing cancer treatment can greatly benefit from massage therapy.

(3) Massage is only for spoiling yourself – Remedial massage is very goods for a host of reasons, but mainly you can muscular and nervous system release, plus you get a much-needed time out for yourself – and only you. Spoiling yourself should be applauded plus all the other immeasurable benefits massage delivers.