Why do your neck and shoulders get tight and sore at your desk job?

You may sometimes ask yourself… why do l get sore in my neck and shoulders all the time when l am simply sitting at my desk working? Imagine now for a moment that you are hanging your head softly looking down towards your navel for 1-2 hours at a time. All that pressure holding force against gravity. Your posterior (back) neck muscles switch on and activate to help keep your heavy head – sometimes weighing up to 8kg – from sinking further down. What occurs when your stabaliser neck muscles continually fire and switch on all day to keep you at equilibrium? This causes strain and also weakening of the posterior neck muscles over time. A weak muscle that is getting overused continually – day in, day out – causes pain, which is the body’s natural alert system to let YOU know that something’s wrong. It’s about this time that people usually check in for a massage, or enquire as to when on one is available.