Relaxation Massage vs Remedial Massage

When booking a massage you’ll often find many types listed. As a new patient, you might then find yourself needing some guidance around which service to choose!


As a starting point we’ll tell you the difference between remedial massage and relaxation massage as these are two quite different treatments.

Relaxation massage

This type of massage does exactly as it’s name suggests – it relax’s you! The therapist will often use long flowing strokes and gentle kneading and manipulation to release tension and stress in your body. A relaxation massage is perfect for the busy worker, or stressed individual who just needs a few moments away from their hectic lifestyles and switch off for an hour or two.

Remedial massage

This type of massage is for more for the individual with more sever tension and chronic pain. Often used as apart of rehabilitation or recovery, remedial massage can be used to heal and relax the muscles associated with injury. A remedial massage will start with a consultation with your therapist so that he or she can get a full understanding of the issue or injury presented, and from there will create a plan to get you back into health.

A remedial massage is perfect for a sports enthusiast looking to recover from training and sport, or for the individual who may have recently experienced a strain or sprain in a part of their body.

That said, the best way to find out which treatment is best for you would be to speak to a qualified therapist.