Tension Headaches

Sore neck and headache? You’re not alone!

Tension headaches are one of the most common forms of headaches experienced. Causes are many – from general stress, head injury through to more severe mental health problems. They are so called because they occur when the neck and scalp muscles become tense and contract. The tension can increase when you remain static for long periods of time, such as when doing desk work, or long hours at a counter. This is where massage can help.


Massage can help your tension headache in a number of ways:

  • Massage can improve relaxation, both of the muscles and of your mind!
  • When coming in for a massage, we can loosen up the muscles which are tightened in and around your neck, thereby reducing the tension experienced.
  • Coming in for a massage means that you can switch off from your day to day life for an hour or two. Studies show that taking a break from work leaves you more satisfied, energised and refreshed! (Forbes, 2018)
  • Relaxation from the massage and reduced tension can improve sleep – thereby improving stress levels and health overall
In addition to our Pilates and Yoga classes, massage with one of our therapists can assist your tension headache.